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We saw a tray similar to the ones in this video. We thought those were the most practical and beneficial soap drying trays we have ever seen. So simple but so functional. So we decided to make our own. Why not?

Using the dowels serves two purposes. 1. Minimal surface area for the soap to sit on. 2. It allows the soap to drain the water off of it. Having your soap sit in water is not ideal. Our natural soap will melt away. You have to take care of it as it does for you.

Having the soap elevated allows for air circulation. Getting the water to evaporate quickly will extend the life of your soap.

After we assemble the trays we put our stamp on them and finally we dip the trays in marine spar varnish. This will act like a barrier from water and will seal the wood from getting any possible mold/mildew. These trays, as simple as they are, will last a long time!

$10 each or combine them with any of our cold process soap for $2 off! They will be available to purchase at the Windsor Farmer’s Market this Saturday August 1/2020

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