Many of you know about our loyalty program and how we track your purchases on our card. You get a stamp for every $10 you spend in person. 10 stamps gets you $10 off your next purchase. It’s been well received and works like a charm.

We felt there has to be a way to reward our awesome customers with their online purchases from our website. Let’s sweeten the deal and allow you to gain points by referrals, membership levels and money spent in the online shop! It’s very easy to accumulate points and the point system is exact as our loyalty cards. Just note that that we can take your stamps from your card and add them to your account profile on our website. We won’t be able to honor both for a purchase. We will ask that you would destroy your loyalty card if you choose to merge your stamps to your online account. We will make a note of who decided to merge their stamps to eliminate any confusion.

For referrals you will have a link in your account page that you can share with whoever you want. You get points when your referral purchases from our website with that link. BTW, that link doesn’t expire! So share as much as you can to accumulate points and help us out with spreading the word about us. It would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thank you for being awesome!

Stay safe

Soap Chef

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