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Maskne? What is it and how can I get rid of it?

What is maskne??

It’s caused by dirt and oils that are trapped in the pores of your
skin on your face from using a mask and are physically being pressed into the pores. The buildup of oil, dead skin cells, and other debris can be irritating to the skin among other things. More importantly is external exposures (i.e., particulate matter) that hits the outside of the mask, which is protecting you.
This needs to be cleaned.

So how can we clean our pores naturally? Buy using a high quality activated charcoal. The kind that can be ingested. Charcoal is inert, meaning it won’t cause allergic reactions and it won’t irritate your skin. How activated charcoal works is really simple. Long story short. Wood, coconut shells or coal is burned at very high temperatures. After that process, you are left with pure carbon. They steam the carbon to increase the porous structure. Each piece of carbon has enough absorbing and grabbing power to help rid the skin of access oils and eliminate debris and free radicals from your skin. Leaving your skin cleaner than you have ever felt before! Trust us!

As many of you know, we at Soap Chef only make high quality products. We are so confident with our charcoal soap that we would put it up against any other leading brand and compare quality. One thing they don’t know, our is all natural. Their’s, not so much.

Our charcoal soap will be on sale from Sept 9 2020 until Sept 20.

Regular price $10 on sale now $7

Combine with our hemp seed oil soap to replace some oils after using the charcoal soap. It’s a perfect combo! BTW, hemp seed oil doesn’t clog pores.

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